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St Sampsons High School 6A

Diversion 04th - 08th December - due to the emergency closure of La Rochelle Road

Normal as far as Les Rocques Barrees - then via Castle Road, Northside, Vale Avenue, Braye Road, Sohier Road, La Grande Rue & Rue du Passeur, back on route from Les Mielles

​​Commences 07:50


Les Bas Courtils Road (first pick-up Richmond Corner end of road) – Les Grandes Maison – New Road - The Bridge – Vale Avenue – Summerfield Road – Les Jucquers Road – Les Rocques Barrees – Rue Des Bordeaux – Grand Rue – La Rochelle Road – La Moye Road  - Les Mielles Road – Les Cloutures Road - L’Ancresse Road – La Route Militaire – Route Militaire - Route St. Clair - Le Murier – Duveaux Road – Baubigny Road – St Sampson's High School.

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